As an Integrative Supervisor I aim to facilitate a secure space within which you can reflect deeply and openly on the process and meaning of your client work in its context.

Supervision provides a strong container in which a practitioner has space for professional and personal reflection and growth. Supervision also honours the individuality of both client and supervisee by nurturing a supportive learning environment. This can encourage competency, creativity and confidence on many levels. 

In supervision we explore our “failures” and our “successes” in promoting and providing effective interventions and support to the client, the supervisee. We can look at managing conflicts, ruptures and impasses in the work as well as how to understand and build upon what is working well. Supervision provides a space to reflect on our approaches to working with others and an opportunity to be courageous in our reflective and reflexive processes and ultimately back in the work, with the other, itself.

I offer supervision individually to :

  • Counsellors and Psychologists
  • Health Practitioners
  • Teachers and School Support Staff
  • Learning Mentors
  • Social Workers

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